About The Owner




Timmy Motte


Timmy has been in the HVAC field since 1978 when he started out as a helper for a local HVAC company. At night he put himself through Trident Technical College for HVAC which helped him move up into a Supervisor position in that company. In 1999 Timmy broke away and started his own company under the name of M & S Mechanical Inc. In 2014 he changed the name of the company to Motte’s Mechanical, where he continues to enjoy the ever changing challenges of the HVAC Industry as well as creatively solving the problems, and catering to the specialized needs of his many customers.






David Motte

Service Technical Manager

David was inspired by his brother to start helping out on job sites in 1981 while he was still in Junior in High School. After he graduated High School David took a slightly different path into the Service side of the HVAC Industry where he followed in his brother’s footsteps and put himself through college at night, and has since worked his way up to Service Technical Manager of the company. His passion for helping customers, especially the elderly, has driven him to continue his work in HVAC service and maintenance.